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  Travel & Golf Magazine has been specifically designed to correspond with, and further the aims and objectives of the tourism and golf industries in Malaysia; those being first to promote Malaysia as an outstanding tourist-cum-golf destination and second to encourage international and local travellers/golfers to experience the splendour and beauty that is uniquely Malaysian.

The magazine covers a comprehensive cross-section of subject matter relevant to both the tourism and golfing industries:
  • Travel and golf news and updates
  • Hotel and resort golf destinations
  • Food and beverage
  • Lifestyle products and services
  • Culture and heritage
  • Eco-tourism and conservation
  • Fashion and shopping
  • Health & wellness
  • Travel advice / tips
  • Cinema & entertainment
  • Celebrity travel and golf
  • Golf course reviews and design
  • Tournament updates
  • Golf destinations
  • Nature adventure
  • Golf merchandise
  • Tourism sports
  • Vacation packages
  • Festivals and diary of events
  • Maps / highlighted localities

On top of all this the magazine also serves as an outstanding marketing, advertising and media channel for advertisers who are looking to maximise their marketing efforts and reach a significant target audience. It currently enjoys a monthly circulation of some 20,000 copies with a corresponding readership of 160,000, which is expected to climb to 50,000 copies and a projected readership of some 400,000 in the medium term.


  • Throughout East and West Malaysia and beyond
  • Tourism Malaysia offices nationwide
  • Foreign embassy offices based in Kuala Lumpur
  • Leading shopping malls and complexes nationwide
  • KLIA-based airlines and associated counters
  • 4-& 5-star hotels, resorts, theme parks and others
  • Tour operators and travel agents
  • Car rental companies
  • Local and regional trade entities
  • Golf and country clubs and resorts
  • Golf equipment manufacturers, retail outlets and pro shops
  • Franchised cafes, restaurants and entertainment establishments
  • Captains of commerce and industry

Travel & Golf Magazine’s readers come from all income groups, and include those who travel for business as well as leisure. But it is especially relevant to Asia Golfing Network’s 48,000-odd members from across Asia.

70% of our readership earns more than RM120,000 per annum, while our universe can be broken up as follows:

Readership profile
Marital status
30-40 years (29.6%)
41-59 (39%)
51 and above (32.4%)
Male (70.8%)
Female (29.2%)
Married (90%)
Single (10%)

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